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Legend says that whenever a whale farts in the Gulf of Bothnia, an earthquake happens in Oulu.

Fart gives - fart takes.


  • Şan Güneş
  • Sakari Hautala
  • Veera Kontiokari
  • Tuukka Lampela
  • Mounib Mazouzi
  • Onur Özüduru

Some graphic sources:

  • Vecteezy.com
  • freepik.com


Install instructions


Move the whale with A and D, fart with space. When you destroy a building, you get punished by the god of sea and lose -5 points. However, if the building causes some humans to die when it's collapsing, you get +5 points per each human killed.


whale-fart-win64.zip 14 MB

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